February 13, 2010

Facebook and MySpace...I don't know why I use them

I have both a Facebook profile and a MySpace profile. The main reason I have them is to keep in touch with family and some friends that are not nearby (and a couple of friends that are nearby).

I've had ex-boyfriends from high school find me on these sites, and want to add me as a friend. It is beyond me why they would want to be friends, since generally we weren't friends before the relationship and we didn't stay friends afterwards. Depending on the ex, I sometimes add them and sometimes don't. And sometimes I add them, and then delete them. Not sure why I do that. I also get friend requests from people I used to be friends with and then stopped being friends with for one reason or another. My favorite is the friend who allowed (still allows? I don't know) her new husband to molest her daughters from a previous marriage. I don't know the entire story, most of it is rumor in fact, but there is enough truth in what I heard that I know I don't want to be friends with her.

But anyway...I got curious today. I used to work for this really great company, and had a group of about 3 really great friends among a group of about 10 of us that used to go out on Fridays and hit the bar at Chilis (I was underage, my friends would occasionally buy me drinks anyway, but that was not the sole reason we were friends). I lost touch with them years ago, around the time I got married.

I decided today to look up the one friend whose full name I could remember. I can't find her. She was older than me by about a decade, I'll admit, but still...my parents (well, Mom anyway) have a Facebook. So she should (ok, yes, I know, not everyone has one. But this is my fantasy world, and in it, I dictate that everyone I might wish to look up should have one). Nor does she have a MySpace apparently.

I've considered the possibility that she got married and therefore changed her last name. This is a very real possibility, as the last time I talked to her she was living with a boyfriend, and they were throwing around the idea of getting married. Problem with this is that I can only remember Boyfriend's first name. And it's a very common name, so I can't really look him up in hopes of finding her.

So here's my question...why is it that people I don't really want to talk to, and in some cases, kind of hoped had fallen off the face of the earth, can find me, but I can't find someone I DO want to talk to? How is this fair? Everyone I hate can find me, but I can't find someone I like? Seems like a real rip off to me.

Sometimes I think I'd be better off if I just deleted them both. But then I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with my family and I'd be less inclined to keep in touch with some of my friends. So, I guess I'll just be grateful that no ex-boyfriends or other non-friends have tried to find me recently.

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